The Lemonade Conference

What? An International Gathering of the Best in Dog Sports, Training, and Behavior.

When? May 23-25, 2020

Where? Your Living Room!

Brought to you by: IAABC & FDSA


What is the Lemonade Conference?

As dog trainers, it’s not about what we can’t do — it’s about what we can do! So when COVID-19 shut down IAABC and FDSA’s in-person training conferences, we took those lemons, squeezed them, added some water, sugar, and a splash of attitude and we made … lemonade!

Working together, IAABC and FDSA created The Lemonade Conference, a highly affordable online educational extravaganza of unprecedented size and scope — 40+ presenters with two simultaneous classrooms running for three days, 18 hours a day. And for those not available for the live event, we will include a free “library” of all of the presentations, included in your registration fee (conference must be purchased before it ends; videos are then available for at least a year in your library). Watch the recordings from the comfort of your living room in the months following the conference — always at your leisure.

But what’s a conference without a chance to shop the vendors? A number of fantastic sponsors have stepped up to the plate to join us! You’ll have an opportunity shop and watch a variety of dog-centric presentations about products and services that are highly applicable for hobbyists and pet professionals alike — make sure you take some time to see what they’re offering this year!

We welcome you to join us and our talented group of presenters, to make new friends around the world, and to shop with our dog-centric vendors. We have so much in common, and so much to learn from each other. We believe we’ll make some very tasty lemonade indeed!

Leading Speakers

Hours Each Day

Days in a Row

The Industry’s Leading Speakers…

Bob Bailey

Stacy Barnett

Hannah Branigan

Sara Brueske

Tom Candy

Peta Clarke 

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass

Suzanne Clothier

Amy Cook, PhD

James W. Crosby

Steve Dale

Julie Daniels

Denise Fenzi

Kamal Fernandez

Erica Feuerbacher

Gail Fisher

Julie Flanery

Petra Ford

Megan Foster

Dr. Susan Friedman

Andrea Harrison

Lore Haug

Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD

Katenna Jones

Deborah Jones, PhD

Dr. Elinor Karlsson

Ruth LaRocque 

Hélène Lawler

Leslie McDevitt

Dr. Christopher Pachel

Michele Pouliot

Chelsey Protulipac

Ken Ramirez

Chrissi Schranz

Kathy Sdao

Michael Shikashio

Dr. Kristina Spaulding

Lori Stevens

Sarah Stremming

Dr. Jen Summerfield

Nancy Tucker

Dr. Valarie Tynes

Mara Velez

Shade Whitesel

Nicole Wiebusch

Dr. Sue Yanoff