Day 2

Saturday, February 12th

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February 12

9:00 am

Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip CABT

This webinar is to help owners of both pet and competition dogs get the best out of them, both in general day-to-day life and in competition and sports. We will be looking at delayed gratification vs. frustration tolerance. I will be breaking down drive, arousal and the management of it. Then we will delve into […]

Lunch Time Panel Discussion (Via Facebook Live)

It’s All In How They’re Raised… (Or Is It?)

Hosted by Melissa Breau, with panelists Jessica Hekman, PhD., DVM, Kim Brophey, and Sharon Carroll.

This lunchtime discussion will be streamed via YouTube, free and publicly available, even to those not paying to attend the conference. Our panelists will discuss socialization and what it means to “properly” socialize a puppy or young dog.

February 12

2:00 pm

Lauren Fraser

Desensitization (DS) is a popular topic in horse training social media circles. But as the wise Inigo Montoya once said. ‘You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means, TikTok-ers.’ As presented on social media, desensitization often involves exposing the horse to a feared stimulus at such an […]