How to Host

(The Cliff Notes Version)

The process usually looks something like this:

On Camera hosts should join the webinar roughly 35 mins before the presentation is scheduled to start, turn on your own mic and camrea. Turn on Q&A. Test the video links and just make sure everything is working as expected.

About 30 mins before the presentation starts, Presenter will join in the waiting room and your chat room host will join your session and check in to let you know they are there.

On camera host should let in the presenter. Upgrade them to presenter status. Remind them not to click start webinar, to click prepare. Turn on their mic and camera on my end. Walk them through turning it on on their end.

Assuming that all goes well, give them permission to go do something else until right before start time (I usually ask them to be back 5 minutes before we’re scheduled to start).

When it’s time to start, on camera hosts click the green button in the bottom left corner to let in the attendees.¬†Greet attendees. Ask them to let me know they can hear us (me and presenter), ask presenter to say hi.

Brief intro – usually I note that we’re working from a recording, and will share the youtube links in the chat box in case they have problems with the software.

Then you’ll play the intro video, followed by any sponsor videos assigned to your session. Turn off your mic and camera. Then you’ll play the presentation. During the pause between videos, just turn your mic on to let them know you’ll have it going again in a second.

During this, the chat room host will monitor the chat box. Begin by posting the link to the CEU Quiz for that session and pinning it to the top of the chat.

If attendees have tech problems I usually problem solve as follows: 1) Try leaving and rejoining the room. 2) Try a different browser or device. 3) Try watching via the youtube link. 4) Wait for the recording to become available.

In addiiton to helping provide tech support, your job is to monitor the box for questions that do not get auto-flagged as questions; mark them as questions by clicking on the megaphone icon. 

When it’s time for Q&A the Chat box host is also responsible for turning on the recording by clicking on record and choosing the “all pods” option.