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Advanced Platform Training – Beyond the Basics

May 23

6:00 pm PT


Are you up to date on all the creative ways trainers are using raised platforms? Join Michele Pouliot for this webinar that goes Beyond the Basics in Platform Training.

Since Michele’s first Platform Training DVD, in 2010, trainers around the world have been discovered the power and simplicity of this training tool. What began as the development of specific platform training methods has evolved to an international platform phenomenon.

Over the past 10 years Michele has continued to discover and expand the versatility of raised platforms as effective training tools. Pet dog training challenges the amateur owner to effectively train management skills in their dogs. Competitive dog sports can challenge the serious and professional trainer in developing precision behaviors for a variety of scenarios. Platforms offer strong communication tools for our “teaching conversation” with our dogs, regardless of the human’s training goals.

This presentation assumes a basic knowledge of using raised platforms (both 2 paw and 4 paw platforms) for training foundation skills. Although some fundamentals information will be included, this webinar will focus on more advanced and creative ways of applying the platform tool in training and problem solving. This presentation includes lots of video demonstration.

Join us for the Webinar and learn powerful platform techniques from Michele Pouliot, the original ‘platform guru’. Experience and realize how platforms are a “must have” tool in any trainer’s toolbox. This webinar will likely give you one or more “light bulb moments”!

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Michele Pouliot

Michele Pouliot has professionally worked with dogs and horses for over 45 years, beginning her animal-training career through her love of horses. Michele studied horsemanship under Linda Tellington-Jones and graduated at the school’s highest riding instructor level. When Michele took a position at an equestrian center, in North Dakota, she immediately acquired her first dog, a Labrador. One of her riding students was a local dog trainer who coached Michele in training her puppy. Michele quickly became hooked on dog training which altered her career path focus, which led to her interest in training guide dogs for the blind. Michele continues to have horses as a hobby and a life love.

In 1974, Michele joined Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB), the largest guide dog school in North America. In addition to personally training over 350 guide dog teams over her 42-year career, Michele led the organization away from historical punishment-based techniques to positive reinforcement methods. Since 2001, Michele led her school, and dozens of guide dog programs around the world, in the adoption of clicker training for all aspects of guide dog work. Michele is known worldwide as a pioneer in the guide dog industry. In 2016, the International Guide Dog Federation presented Michele with a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for her innovation, creative development, and international service to blind clients and guide dog programs. Since retiring from her guide dog career, Michele continues to teach and consult for guide and service dog organizations, in addition to teaching training for dog sports.

Karen Pryor invited Michele to join her faculty for Clicker Expo Conferences in 2007. Michele considers Clicker Expos to be highlights of each year, as she learns as much from her faculty associates as she provides to others. Michele presents regularly at USA and European Clicker Expos.

Michele has been very successful in a variety of canine dog sports since 1972. Michele was active in competition obedience for 20+ years, gaining four OTCH titles (Obedience Trial Championships) with her personal dogs. She has also competed in tracking and agility. In 2005, Michele discovered a new sport, Canine Musical Freestyle, and fell in love with this creative hobby. Michele quickly became a leader in the sport, earning multiple Championship titles with her Australian shepherds and English Springer Spaniels in addition to winning national and international competitions. Michele and her Australian Shepherd, Listo, made canine freestyle history under the World Canine Freestyle Organization as the first team to ever receive perfect scores in both Artistic and Technical categories. They repeated this incredible achievement a total of 24 times under different judges.

Often referred to as a “Trainers’ trainer”, Michele is known as an extremely clear, down to earth, enthusiastic teacher who demonstrates her love for animals and people every time she speaks. Although enjoying spending more time at home through retirement, Michele continues to passionately teach across the globe on positive reinforcement training.