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“Come!” The Art and Science of Recall Training

May 23

10:00 am PT


What makes Chrissi’s recall training approach stand out is the strong focus on the dog/human relationship. Before even introducing a recall cue, her relationship games help dog and human connect on a new level, and turn boring walks into exciting adventures.

The resulting dog/human connection becomes the foundation for a systematic training protocol. Once classically conditioned to mean “awesome stuff is about to happen,” the new recall cue will be plugged into movement-based games.

Is the dog enthusiastically coming when called? A customizable distraction protocol ups the ante, and prepares your dog for the challenges you’ll encounter out and about. Finally, Chrissi’s “recall ladder” – a simple yet useful tool to transition from training games to real life – sets you and your dog up for success in the real world.

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Chrissi Schranz

Dog trainer, traveler, and writer Chrissi is currently based in Antigua, Guatemala. She has been fond of dogs of all sizes, shapes, and personalities for as long as she can think – especially the so-called difficult ones. After training the dachshund of her early teenage years in traditional ways at her local obedience club, she learned about clicker training and got hooked on kind and motivational methods.

Her work days are spent doing the things she loves most: teaching pet dog manners and life skills to her clients and their dogs, resolving behavioral challenges, and teaching for FDSA and the Pet Professionals Program. Her (German-language) puppy book “Nur Mut!” was released in 2017, and her recall book “Komm zu mir!” in 2018. Chrissi has also contributed numerous articles to the German-language Your Dog and Working Dog magazines. These days, most of her musings can be found on