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Domestication: What Dogs Were and Are Today

February 13

2:00 pm PT

This talk is eligible for CEUs from: CCPDT - Behavior, CCPDT - Training, IAABC, KPA


There is no one accepted definition of domestication. It is one of those things we tend to think we know when we see it. Clearly dogs and cows are domesticated, but how about cats and parrots? In this talk I will discuss the problems with how we currently approach the idea of domestication and how dogs end up being a particularly instructive example of what it means to be a domestic animal and why it matters.

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Kathryn Lord

Kathryn Lord (she/her) is currently a Postdoctoral Associate in the Karlsson Lab at The University of Massachusetts Medical School and The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Her work combines the development of behavior with genomic techniques to study the evolution of domestication. Kathryn received her BA in Biology/Zoology at Hampshire College, and earned her PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst.