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Don’t Get Lost in the Online Sauce: Give Your Clients More Virtual Bang for Their Buck (and Do Less Work!)

May 8

9:00 am PT


So, it’s 2021 and the strain of 2020 has gone nowhere. As we continue to tread into this era of uncertainty, you are probably also dabbling in hybrid learning or trying to balance your virtual training alongside your in person training….it can all be extremely overwhelming. You’ve worked so hard to establish your new online services, as they may have been your only source of income in the previous year, but you are running into a new found resistance as the community is OVER restrictions and would just prefer to have a trainer in person. (Although this may not be the smartest choice for either party.) Do you abandon your virtual training option? OR do you MAXIMIZE it and increase its value? How do you maximize it without taking on MORE WORK?

In this presentation, we will share a few ways you could be increasing the value of your virtual services through software, apps, and technology you may have not considered (or even heard of), while maximizing your efficiency! (Pssst…..they are all free and easy solutions!) Spend less time typing up emails and entertaining phone calls and more time actually doing what you love: training dogs and making money!

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Jiovany Alcaide, CPDT-KA and Taylor Barconey, CPDT-KA

Jiovany ‘Jio’ Alcaide, CPDT-KA and Taylor Barconey, CPDT-KA together make Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training. They are a force-free, rewards-based, minority, and woman owned dog training business based in New Orleans, Louisiana and their goal is to popularize their methods in their region! Smart Bitch prides itself on taking on all kinds of behavioral issues, showing their community that no matter the issue, the Smart Bitches can help.

Jiovany ‘Jio’ Alcaide and Taylor Barconey both became accredited dog trainers through Camp Bow Wow in 2017. They then went on to obtain their Certified Professional Dog Trainer title through the CCPDT in 2018 and are now Fear Free Animal Trainers. They are continuing their education with their next expected achievement being the Accredited Dog Trainer Certification (ADT) through the IAABC. They own seven pets between them: four dogs, one cat, and two turtles. Jio is the proud owner of two-year-old Powerline, the doberman and five-year-old Beetlejuice, the terrier mix. Taylor is the proud owner of two Patterdale terriers, eight-year-old Suri and six-year-old Sachi. They credit their dogs as being the major reason why they became trainers.

Smart Bitch also strives to make their training as accessible as possible, particularly online. They love to focus on making dog training topics easy to digest and readily available for anyone interested. In person, they offer their D.I.Y. private, one-on-one, 1-hour coaching services. They also offer 30-minute day training sessions dubbed ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ sessions. Online, they offer the same private services, just through a screen. They’ve also  begun to offer (since COVID-19), their ‘Live Living Room Group Classes. These classes are 90 minute group classes that focus on bringing foundation training to the home!

You can find Smart Bitch on most major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. They love answering questions and hope you gain knowledge from the little gems they put online, daily. Follow and stay updated with a Smart Bitch, today!