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Facilitating Safe and “Healthy” Dog Play in Shelters

May 23

8:00 am PT


During this one-hour session you will learn about the basics of shelter enrichment, how playgroups fit into a comprehensive shelter enrichment program, and how to promote ‘healthy’ and safe dog-dog interactions, and how to run inter-dog playgroup that increase animals’ choice and use the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) ethical principle.

Presented By:

Mara Velez

Mara Velez is the Executive Director of the Shelter Playgroup Alliance and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Prior to co-founding the Shelter Playgroup Alliance, Mara spent over a decade in sheltering, including several years as a behavior and training consultant at Contra Costa Animal Services, an open-admission county shelter, where she collaboratively designed, developed, and implemented behavior program structures, including a robust volunteer training program, a behavior evaluation, and canine enrichment and playgroup guidelines.

Mara holds bachelors and master’s degrees in psychology and completed all of the course work for a doctorate in education.