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4 Steps to a Training and Behavior Modification Plan

May 24

8:00 pm PT


Learn how to create a successful training and behavior change program for problem behavior situations. Follow this systematic 4-step plan that adheres to LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) practices to identify replacement behaviors for any challenging situation and structure an organized training plan using the science of behavior. You’ll get practical information that can be used whenever you are assisting owners, or working with your own pet, in managing and modifying problem behaviors using plans that strengthen the relationships between human and animal.

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Ruth LaRocque

Ruth LaRocque is a highly experienced dog trainer and animal behavior consultant, helping people address and modify problem behavior situations they have with their animals. She is a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant (CPBC) with the IAABC, as well as a CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA certified dog trainer, and she currently serves as President of the CCPDT (Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers). She holds a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In addition, Ruth is a graduate of both Jean Donaldson’s esteemed Dog Trainer Academy and the Karen Pryor Academy. She is a presenter for the internationally recognized Family Paws’ Dogs and Storks programs that support success between babies, toddlers, and family dogs.

Since 2014, Ruth has been a co-instructor for Dr. Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals on-line course for professionals (LLA). Ruth also assists with the functional analysis module Dr. Friedman teaches for the IAABC’s distinguished Principles & Practice course. Both are Ruth’s favorite on-line activities to participate in each year.

Currently Ruth owns a companion animal training business in Seattle with her partner and provides private, in-home and virtual on-line behavior consulting and training services for owners with dogs, cats, and other family pets. When she is not helping to build successful relationships between pets and their human families, she and her border collie ‘Seven’ compete in agility, qualifying for the USDAA nationals for the past four years, as well as representing the USA in 2019 at the Americas & Caribe de Agility international competition in Brazil. She and her partner Tim currently share their home with their four dogs – Sugar the singing Husky mix, Daisy the Maltese, Seven the agility Border Collie, and Romeo the beagle.

Ruth can be reached through her website at