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Happy Crating

May 25

8:00 pm PT


Crates can be an excellent management for dogs and puppies alike. A dog who crates happily can travel easily, doesn’t have to be trained perfectly for that dinner party, and will have an easier time at the vet, groomer, and kennel. A puppy that crates well is easy to house train, and just plain easier to raise!

The old days of letting puppies “cry it out” in crates are over, along with other aversive techniques like bark collars and spray bottles. But how do we help our dogs settle happily in their crates, without flooding or developing a dependency on food? Sarah will cover smart antecedents, training scenarios, and strategies for producing a dog that sees the crate as a place to relax, much like you see your own bed or sofa.

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Sarah Stremming

Sarah Stremming, founder of The Cognitive Canine and Cog Dog Radio, is a dog trainer, writer, podcaster, dog sports competitor, and passionate teacher of humans. She has been competing in the sports of Agility and Obedience for nearly 20 years, and has been working in the field of dog training and behavior modification for over a decade. Her bachelors of science degree in psychology from Colorado State University combined with her constant continuing education in animal training come together in her special interest area; behavior solutions for performance dogs. Sarah’s unique focus on behavioral wellness is why you will find her hiking next to some border collies in the Pacific Northwest on any given afternoon.