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Have some LATTE with your Lemonade: Enriching Your Dog’s Counterconditioning Experience

February 12

4:00 pm PT

This talk is eligible for CEUs from: CCPDT - Behavior, CCPDT - Training, IAABC, KPA


Since 2007, when Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog was first published, the science—and the art—of Control Unleashed has been guiding handlers all over the world as they help their “dogs with issues” learn how to relax, focus, and work off-leash reliably in stimulating or stressful situations.

Whether you’re training a challenging dog on your own, an instructor trying to figure out how to help dogs in your classes, or an instructor who wants to design a special program just for stressed out dogs, this flexible series of operant counter conditioning games is for you.

Who needs Control Unleashed?

  • Dogs that are uncomfortable or unable to work off lead around other dogs.
  • Dogs that are easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating.
  • Dogs that are reactive or easily aroused.
  • Dogs that are anxious or stressed and shut down.
  • Dogs that are unable to control their impulses when excited.

This presentation will specifically take a deep dive into the Look at That game, one of Leslie’s most popular games from Control Unleashed. Learn new ways to teach it, when to use it, when NOT to use it, and what it’s really all about (hint: it’s not actually about a dog looking at something!) Leslie invites you to learn about the conversational aspect of her method that utilizes the LAT game to create a dialogue with your dog about the environment, rather than traditional cue-and-response training!

Then, learn all about LATTE (Look At That Then Enrichment), which combines that conversational aspect of LAT with an enriched environment that encourages decompression and exploration. There are so many ways to customize this and so many applications, including for remedial socialization and empowering shelter dogs.

Got another species? This game has been used with cats, horses, even a sea lion. Come join Leslie and explore the possibilities and how to make it work for you.

Presented By:

Leslie McDevitt

Leslie McDevitt (she/her) is the creator of the internationally popular Control Unleashed series of books and DVDs. She has taught her unique, science based counterconditioning “games” all over the world, and has been busy mentoring and certifying CU instructors to do the same. Leslie specializes in empowering dogs and other species to feel comfortable and confident navigating stressful situations. Recently an amazing thing happened. Leslie heard from a horse trainer in Australia who used a CU Pattern Game to keep her horse calmly walking through a massive brushfire to safety. Leslie lives outside Philadelphia with dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, a perpetually hungry pony, two human children and a husband.