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Reducing Reinforcement for Dog Sports

May 24

6:00 am PT


As trainers that gravitate to reward based training, the reason it appeals to us is the LOVE of reinforcing our dogs… BUT one the biggest challenges for reinforcement based dog trainers is how to move beyond this in preparation for competition! This presentation will cover the strategic and easy to follow guide to fading reinforcement and how to prepare your dog for competition. Learn how to prepare your dog to work for extended periods of time without reinforcement and still maintain criteria and performance!

Presented By:

Kamal Fernandez

Kamal Fernandez, Internationally renowned dog trainer, top level dog sports competitor, author, World Championship Level Sports dog coach. With over 30yrs experience in the world of dogs and dog training, Kamal has pioneered the use of reinforcement based methodology for dog sports, and turned dogs from unruly pets to Crufts winners.

He has competed at the highest level in dog sports, and speaks at conferences and delivers seminars all over the world, including the Victoria Stillwell Bite Conference, IMPACT conference for service and military personnel, as well as Television appearances on Sky Televisions ‘Dogs Might Fly’, where 12 rescue dogs were followed on their journey to ‘flying a plane’.

Career Highlights so far:

  • Crufts competitor
  • World championship level dog sports coach
  • Crufts judge/steward/team manager
  • Keynote speak: IMPACT conference
  • Victoria Stillwell Bite Prevention conference
  • International Seminar presenter
  • Author of: Pathway to Positivity