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Making Patterns Out of Lemons: Using the Control Unleashed Pattern Games

May 23

4:00 pm PT


Got a dog that worries about stuff? Leslie will show you how to quickly and effectively help them feel and function better using the CU Pattern Games.

Learn how to implement two highly potent tools, Patterns and Voluntary Behavior, in order to create

  1. A predictable, repetitive set of rules that lowers anxiety by telling him what to expect and when.
  2. A way for him to control his experience–enabling him to direct his behavior mod by communicating start, stop, go towards or away from something.

These games are very simple, confidence-building on both sides of the leash, and fun! Come explore them with Leslie!

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Leslie McDevitt

Leslie McDevitt, CDBC, CPDT-KA is the author of the internationally popular Control Unleashed series of books and DVDs. Her books have been translated into many languages, and she has helped people all over the world learn how to use her science-based and empowering methods to help companion, performance, and working dogs learn how to functional optimally without stress in very challenging environments. Control Unleashed has helped countless reactive companion dogs on a neighborhood walk to highly competitive performance dogs to K9 patrol and detection dogs. If you have a dog that worries about stuff that happens—other dogs, people, noises, the unexpected–Leslie has lots of tools for you.  Leslie is also proud to be a guest speaker for the Clicker Expo and loves doing webinars for FDSA.