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Our Take on Mistakes: The Cake!

May 7

7:00 am PT

This talk is eligible for CEUs from: CCPDT, IAABC, KPA


Every training system needs to entail strategies to accomplish desired learning while dealing with mistakes and mishaps in a productive way. The better thought-through and prepared you are, the better your chances are of responding to various errors or less desired behaviors in a way that is beneficial to your learner and your behavioral goals. In this presentation, Emelie and Eva share their approach – originally stemming from their agility work – presented in the shape of a three-tiered cake. In this session, Emelie and Eva will share the cake with you and show how it translates to a variety of venues and setups. They will exemplify how the different layers come to life in practical training scenarios and demonstrate how the cake analogy will help you make those critical moment-to-moment decisions in your training.

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Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh

Swedish duo Emelie (she/her) and Eva (she/her) met at the agility fields in the late ’90s as dedicated positive reinforcement trainers in a fast-paced sport where millimeters and milliseconds matter. Together they developed practical approaches to training that have become useful way beyond the agility ring. Under the name Carpe Momentum, they work as trainers and educators, often with dogs in a variety of settings but also with other species – including humans, of course. You might know them through topics such as start button behaviors, flow charts or seamless training sessions, as TAGteach faculty, or as presenters at international conferences such as Clicker Expo.