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Ruff ‘N Tumble: Martial Arts for Dogs

May 9

11:00 am PT

This talk is eligible for CEUs from: IAABC, KPA


Ruff’N Tumble – Martial Arts for Dogs is an exciting dog sport that all dogs can do. It is an action sport that takes agility and teamwork to new levels for a dog and their handler. Obstacles are found in the environment and are limitless. Dogs can be on or off leash, so you don’t need reliability off leash.

The benefits to Ruff’N Tumble – Martial Arts for Dogs include:

  • Intense physical activity that teaches body awareness and stamina, requiring balance and flexibility.
  • Positive relationship building and trust between handler and dog.
  • All dogs will have an increase in self confidence as a result of mastering physical feats.
  • A great mental challenge, because the skills are performed in various locations, teaching a dog to be focused on a single activity regardless of the environmental distractions.

Join Barbara Lloyd to learn how to teach your dog the foundation Ruff’N Tumble – Martial Arts for Dogs skills to your dog.

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Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Lloyd (she/her) is an Indigenous dog trainer from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is also the owner of The Dog’s Den Training School in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada where she offers classes, consultations, lectures, and board and train. Barbara also teaches and coaches competitors in Portuguese water dog water work. She loves being outdoors with her motley crew of mutts, doing various activities such as hiking, water work, herding, agility, sprinter, chasability, and her new love, Ruff’N Tumble – Martial Arts for Dogs. Barbara’s current dogs range in age from three to 14 years and are all active in dog sports and training. She enjoys the challenges of mutts and trains her dogs to the best of her and the dog’s abilities.