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Shaping the Future: Constructional Training Plan Design, a Consultant’s Process

May 25

10:00 am PT


Traditionally, training plan designs loosely sketch out a linear series of steps and identified behaviors to be taught or modified. The hierarchy of trained behaviors are selected and dealt with as single unrelated units and often based on specific needs as opposed to what our learners need to acquire first for their whole life.  In constructional behavior design, trainers consider behavior as a cluster of actions that are interlinked as components of a larger behavioral picture.  Using three training case studies, we will examine trainer, consultant, and institutional bias and their impact on animal behavior, training methodologies, training plan construction, and the core components of behavior these learners needed to learn over the arc of their life.

Presented By:

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, of A Step Beyond, is a training systems analyst specializing in Team Building and the constructional approach to building Whole Life Training Plans™. Lisa is known for her work with giraffes and is a sought after consultant for teaching and building training skills designed for animals with unique physical challenges. She has presented for a wide number of conferences including the Association of Zoo and Aquariums, the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, the International Marine Animal Trainers Association, Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology, international conferences for giraffe conservation groups, and the Shelter Playgroup Alliance creating unique thought provoking discussions. She has won numerous awards for excellence and her expert contributions in creating and implementing training programs for various facilities. She recently guided the creation of a zoo training policy and procedures manual that is now considered an exemplar for other zoos and aquaria nationwide. Lisa is a court certified expert in humane training methodology, providing expert testimony for governmental agencies, has been featured in multiple books, provided expertise in animal behavior for movies and documentaries, and has consulted for pet food and product advertising and branding companies.

Lisa is known as the dog trainer who trains giraffe, the giraffe trainer who trains dogs, and the woman who teaches alligators to relax. She values the animals and their people involved in the deepening and expanded exploration of welfare through collaboration and the advancement of training methodology, enrichment, and behavior modification. She believes that success is not the byproduct of the species of animal being trained but found in the design and implementation of a well-crafted change in behavior. One of her current projects is the Change Makers Foundation which acknowledges people for their selfless long term involvement in shaping the future welfare of animals through sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience.

Lisa’s espoused values are rooted in compassion, kindness, science, and respect as is evidenced in her work in bringing reinforcement strategies to the world of law enforcement and mindfulness practices. In her private time, Lisa is an avid birder, distance runner, and collector of exotic begonias. She loves trail running at the break of dawn in a wildlife preserve and is thrilled by the natural beauty found in the first rays of the dawn.