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Stressed Out Shelter Cats

May 24

6:00 pm PT


When it comes to companion animal rescue and sheltering, cats are far too often marginalized. These stoic little beings tolerate so much and demand so little, which can make it very easy to put their behavioral needs on the back burner. “We’ll do that when we have more [time, money, staffing, space, etc.].” As we all know, in rescue that time will never come. I firmly believe that no pet – regardless of behavior or species – should have to wait for what the Five Freedoms outlines as the minimum standard of care. But where do you begin? In this session, learn about feline stress, enrichment, and immediately applicable, affordable and creative ways to ensure your cats are getting all they need. Content is aimed at shelter and rescue cats, but is also applicable to any cat in any environment.

Presented By:

Katenna Jones, ScM, ACAAB, CCBC, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Katenna Jones accidentally discovered her career as a volunteer dog walker in the late nineties before earning her Master’s from Brown University. There she studied animal behavior, learning and cognition and is now an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Certified Cat and Dog Behavior Consultant, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, and a Fear Free Trainer. Katenna previously worked for American Humane Association as well as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, but now provides cat and dog behavior consultations through her business, Jones Animal Behavior. Katenna’s current passion is education and she truly loves speaking locally, internationally, and online. She contributes regularly to various media outlets and also authored Fetching the Perfect Dog Trainer. Katenna shares her RI home with one husband, a very old dog, a very old cat, five chickens, and several thousand bees.