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Using the Deep Accessible Hide to Build Environmental Resilience

May 25

10:00 pm PT


When we think of a dog’s resilience, we think of both environmental and cognitive applications. Ideally, a dog can work in new and different environments and can be impervious to frustration or worry of failure. These two qualities are super important in the development of our canine partners in the sport of Nosework … in fact, through careful training, this can be a huge boon for dogs regardless of competitive aspirations! Nosework is often touted as “confidence building”, however the HOW that confidence building occurs is really the crux of whether the dog will actually reap the rewards.

Using a concept of the “Deep Accessible” hide, we will demonstrate in this presentation how we can build both environmental AND cognitive resilience in the dog. The Deep Accessible is part of how the skill of Sourcing is developed. However, the very unique and amazing side effect is the impact on the dog’s resilience. This presentation will both describe what is occurring and how to capture the benefits.

Presented By:

Stacy Barnett

Stacy Barnett is a top nosework competitor and trainer, being one of only a handful of teams with multiple Summit Level (SMTx3) titles in the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) with her dog, Judd. Stacy has been a faculty member at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy since 2015 and is an international clinician for seminars around the world. She is a licensed Judge for AKC Scent Work where she was also retained in an advisory position for the AKC Scent Work program for 2 years. Stacy is the author of the popular blog, Scentsabilities Nosework, and hosts weekly educational webinars.

With her degree in Chemical Engineering and her understanding of fluid flow dynamics, she has developed many tools in her toolbox. She believes in utilizing Scent Theory and odor to educate and craft the competitive nosework dog and to bring enrichment to dogs using Nosework as an activity to build confidence. She prides herself in being able to bring creative solutions to build odor obedience, confidence, drive and motivation for the sport. Her mantra is CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, SKILLS and STAMINA.

Stacy’s approach to training goes beyond just setting Nosework hides. She takes an approach that cares for both the emotional and the cognitive aspects of the dog in order to help bring out the dog’s full potential. Her approach is not only reflected in her own dogs’ successes but also in her students. Stacy truly finds joy in tapping into a dog’s desire to search and to communicate with the handler.

Stacy loves helping others and her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Even greater than her love for the sport is her love of teaching. She prides herself on being a highly creative, enthusiastic and caring instructor, easily able to teach all levels of Nosework students. Stacy loves seeing teams flourish in the sport and enjoy what has become an extremely popular outlet for all dogs.