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When the Fur Flies: Inter-Cat Aggression

May 9

9:00 am PT

This talk is eligible for CEUs from: CCPDT, IAABC, KPA


Inter-cat aggression is one of the most common behavior problems the presenter sees in her behavior consulting business. This distressing problem can occur with cats that are new to one another, as well as with siblings that have always been “best friends.” This session will discuss the various causes of inter-cat aggression between cats who share the same household (note: It will not cover aggression between outdoor cats). We will discuss the identification of problems, prevention strategies, and client recommendations. The session will also cover signs of conflict, types of aggression, the difference between play and aggression, and environmental considerations for cats in conflict.

The presenter will also review the extensive protocol she implements to manage and resolve inter-cat aggression, including the use of scent, pheromones, space sharing, enrichment, desensitization, and counter conditioning. Inter-cat agression is an issue that often resolves at a glacial pace, so the session will also discuss how to manage client expectations and provide support during the process.

Presented By:

Tabitha Kucera, RVT, CCBC, KPA CTP

Tabitha Kucera (she/her) is an Elite Fear Free and Low Stress Handling Certified Registered Veterinary Technician, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and is the owner of Chirrups and Chatter cat and dog behavior consulting and training in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a Fear Free certified speaker, serves as the co-chair of Pet Professional Guild’s Cat Committee, is a trainer-mentor for JGP Cat Pawsitive Program , is the vice president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and serves on the board of The Together Initiative for Ohio’s Community Cats. She loves educating through writing, behavior consulting, and lecturing. She enjoys the opportunity to help people better understand and relate to cats and dogs.